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4 x best pull up station / power tower for your home (2024)

Looking for the best pull-up station, also known as a power tower? We’ve got you covered in this blog post. A pull-up station is a cool addition to your home gym – you can do tons of exercises without leaving your place.

These stations let you work with your body weight or add extra weights. But how do you pick the right power tower for your workout spot? In this blog we’ll share our top 4 picks based on how much they can handle, the price tag, and how versatile they are.”


Top 4 Pull up stations / power towers

First we will share our top 4 list of pull up stations.

#1 Sportsroyals pull up station

Sportsroyals pull up station - power tower
Best pull up station
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Highest weight capacity

When it comes to investing in a pull-up station that offers unparalleled strength and stability, look no further than the Sportsroyals Power Tower. Boasting an impressive weight capacity of 200kg (450lbs), this station ensures you can tackle even the most intense workouts with confidence.

Reclined arm rests

Comfort is needed during any workout routine, and the Sportsroyals Power Tower doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a 10-degree reclined position, padded armrests, and backrest, it adds an extra level of comfort during exercises like knee raises, reducing strain on your joints.

Additionally, its space-efficient design makes it a practical addition to any home gym setup, garage, or workout area. This ensures you can maximize your space without compromising on functionality.

#2 SogesHome pull up station

Sogeshome Power tower / pull up station
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The second pull-up station in this list is the SogesHome pull up station. It is competitively priced and offers several significant advantages.

Best priced

Looking for an affordable yet reliable power tower? Look no further than this offering, the most economical option on our list. Constructed with high-quality steel, this power tower boasts a sturdy build, featuring a widened main support and splayed anti-roll-over base for enhanced safety and stability. With a weight capacity of 150kg (330LBS), it ensures durability and security during your workouts, making it suitable for all types of users.


One of the standout features of this pull-up station is its impressive 10 levels of height adjustment, ranging from 165-210 cm (65″ to 82.7″).

#3 JX fitness pull up station

Heavy-Duty Construction

The JX fitness pull up station has a steel tube H-shaped frame base, that provides additional stability and safety for your exercise. This will perfectly stabilise your dips. Thereby this pull up station has a weight capacity of 120kg.

Adjustable height

This Power Tower offers versatile fitness options with its adjustable height, spanning from 185cm (72.8 inches) to 205cm (80.8 inches) across five levels. This feature ensures suitability for everyone, accommodating a wide range of fitness needs.

#4 Gravity Fitness portable pull up station

Gravity fitness pull up station
Best portable pull up station
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What sets this pull-up station apart is its ability to dismantle the station. Making it incredibly easy to store at home or even in your car. This means you can take your workout with you wherever you go, ensuring you never miss a training session.

With a large storage bag equipped with a shoulder strap, transporting this portable station is a breeze, allowing you to work out with ease wherever you choose.

Height and weight capacity

Designed to accommodate users of all sizes, this portable pull-up station has a maximum user weight capacity of 110kg, ensuring stability and safety during your workouts. Whether you’re a heavyweight like us, this station has your back, providing a reliable platform for your strength training needs.

What is a pull up station?

A pull-up station, often referred to as a power tower, serves as a versatile fitness tool ideal for home workouts. With it, you can effectively target various muscle groups including the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen, and arms.

Utilizing your body weight as resistance, a power tower enables you to perform a comprehensive upper body workout routine in the comfort of your own home.

What does a pull-up station/power tower look like?

Power towers come in various shapes and sizes, with some being more elaborate than others. However, they all share a common feature: each station includes at least three elements.

1. Pull up bar

At the top of a pull-up station is a long horizontal bar. This is perfectly suited for training various types of pull-ups. You can choose to train with a wide or narrow grip, or with a pronated (pull-up) or supinated grip (chin-up).

2. dip station

In the middle of the power tower are two parallel bars. These can be used for training dips. In some pull-up stations, it is possible to adjust the height of these bars, which is a great advantage as it ensures the ideal height of your dip bars. This ideal height allows you to perform dips with your legs extended downwards.

Before choosing, it’s important to consider what the ideal width of the dip bars is for you. This varies from person to person and largely depends on your height.

There is a handy way to calculate your ideal dip width: take the length of your forearm and hand (with fingers extended) and add one fist width to it.

3. Arm and back cushions

Finally, there are the back and arm cushions on the power tower. These ensure that you can train your abdominal muscles comfortably. You do this by practicing leg or knee raises.

Which pull up station to purchase

If you’re looking for a power tower, you’ve probably already noticed that there is a wide range available online. That’s why it’s wise to know what to look out for first.

1. Weight capacity

The most important feature of a pull-up station is its load capacity. This says a lot about the construction, materials, and lifespan of the product.

It’s not just interesting to know your body weight in relation to the load capacity, but also to know if you can add additional weight with this power tower.

All pull-up stations in this list have a load capacity of at least 300lbs, making them sufficient for most people to train with bodyweight exercises.

However, once you can do 10 pull-ups with your body weight and you want to get stronger like everyone else, it’s time to add weight. If you then have a load capacity of 450lbs like sportsroyals pull up station, you can be sure to have enough leeway.

2. The dimensions and the sturdiness

Naturally, it’s important that the power tower fits in the space where you intend to place it. This involves not only the width and length but also the height is essential.

During a pull-up, your head will come above the bar. If this bar hangs at a certain height, you need to ensure you have enough space to avoid hitting your head.

Fortunately, standard ceilings are high enough to do your pull ups. However, if you plan to place the power tower in a basement, for example, this is important to consider in your decision-making process.

Additionally, opt for a sturdy pull-up station. Consider the weight of the power tower itself. A heavier variant will stand more firmly on the ground than a lighter one.

3. Pricing

When it comes to purchasing a pull-up station, remember that opting for the cheapest option may not always result in the best value. While affordability is important, prioritizing quality ensures longevity and satisfaction with your investment.

Investing in a durable and well-built station may require a slightly higher initial investment, but it will pay off in the long run with increased durability and performance. A sturdy pull-up station not only provides a safer workout experience but also offers greater versatility and reliability over time, making it a worthwhile investment for your fitness journey.

In addition to durability, consider the features and functionality offered. Look for features such as adjustable height settings, comfortable padding, and versatile grip options to ensure that the station meets your specific workout needs.

While it may be tempting to opt for a basic model to save money, additional features and functionality can greatly enhance your workout experience and help you achieve better results.

By prioritizing quality and functionality over price, you can ensure that your power tower not only meets your current fitness needs but also grows with you as you progress on your fitness journey.

Power tower exercises

With a pull-up station, you can train a wide variety of exercises. While it’s ideal for training pull-ups and dips, there are many more possibilities. Watch the video below for more inspiration.

Pull up station installment

Not all power towers are equally easy to assemble. The better manufacturers have put more effort into providing a clear instruction sheet. However, it may still take some time to figure it out.

Typically, it will take you between 30 and 60 minutes to assemble all the parts. We do recommend doing it with 2 people, as some parts of the power tower are quite heavy.

What other equipment comes in handy?

Once you have installed a pull-up station at home, there are plenty of opportunities to expand and customize your workouts.

You can hang calisthenics rings on your power tower, which opens up a wide range of additional exercises. For example, you can train support holds, ring rows, and bicep curls.

If you’re still learning to do pull-ups, resistance bands are the best way to quickly progress towards your first pull-up. These bands allow you to gradually decrease the assistance during pull-ups and chin-ups, making the journey to mastering them much easier.

I’ve also mentioned in this post the importance of adding weight to your workout. As you become capable of performing 8 reps with your body weight, it becomes increasingly challenging to stimulate your muscles adequately for strength and muscle growth.

Adding extra weight solves this problem perfectly by allowing you to continue training in the strength rep range of 1-6 reps. To add weight, you can use a weighted vest or a dip belt.

Alternatives to a pull up station?

If you’re looking for a way to dip and pull up at home, there are other calisthenics equipment options besides a power tower. You can hang calisthenics rings from your ceiling, beam, or another elevated surface. This allows you to easily train pull-ups and dips.

But there are also other types of pull-up bars available. For example, you can use a wall mounted pull up bar. This gives you the opportunity to train muscle-ups. Alternatively, you can hang a doorway pull-up bar on your door. These are often much cheaper and easier to store.

In short, there’s a training option for everyone at home. So don’t wait any longer, quickly order a bar and get started with your training.


Why should you buy a pull up station?

If you’re interested in training bodyweight exercises in your own home, then a pull-up station is the ideal solution. It provides you with the complete package so you don’t have to buy all the materials (pull-up bar, dip bars, etc.) separately. Especially if you’re a beginner or semi-advanced, you’ll benefit greatly from a pull-up station.

Why should you not buy a pull up station?

The main drawback of buying a power tower is the space it occupies. You can’t easily dismantle it and put it back together later. Therefore, it’s important to have enough space both in width and length at home to set it up.

Additionally, it’s not the most suitable type of pull-up bar if you want to train muscle-ups. The space between the pull-up bar and the wall is often just too small for this purpose.

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