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5 x best wall mounted pull up bar (2024)

Which wall-mounted pull-up bar is the best? In this blog post, I’ll provide you with the answer to that question. A (wall) pull-up bar stands out as the most crucial fitness equipment for your home, offering the versatility to engage in a variety of exercises.

Having experienced numerous pull-up bars throughout my extensive calisthenics training, I am here to assist you in selecting the optimal pull-up bar for your wall.


Top 4 wall mounted pull up bars

Read the list below to discover the 5 best wall-mounted pull-up bars.

#1 OneTwoFIT wall mounted pull up bar

OneTwoFit Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Best price / quality
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Taking the lead in our lineup is the OneTwoFit wall mounted pull-up bar. With a lot of benefits, this bar is considered the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Competitively priced

We like the affordability of this pull-up bar brings. The OneTwoFit bar is well-priced, particularly when you take into account its high-quality features. This cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable and durable pull-up bar without breaking the bank.


This pull-up bar offers versatility in your workout routine, allowing you to engage in narrow, neutral, and wide grip pull-ups. What’s even more appealing are the additional eyelets incorporated into the design, providing the option to hang resistance bands or a punching bag. This additional feature not only diversifies your training possibilities but also adds a dynamic element to your fitness regimen. 

High load capacity

Another benefit of this bar is its load capacity, extending up to 440lbs (200kg). This capacity goes beyond accommodating just bodyweight pull-ups, allowing you to incorporate additional resistance into your pull-up exercises.

Whether you’re aiming to intensify your training by attaching weight plates or gradually increasing the challenge of your pull-up routine, the substantial load-bearing capacity of this bar provides a sturdy and reliable platform for diverse and progressive workouts.

#2 Yes4all Heavy Duty wall mounted pull up bar

Yes4All Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Best calisthenics pull up bar
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Securing the second position on our list is the Yes4All Heavy Duty wall mounted Pull-Up Bar. Packed with a range of benefits, this pull-up bar stands out as the perfect choice for individuals at various fitness levels, catering to both beginners and those with more advanced training experience.

Distance from the wall

The standout feature of the Yes4All wall mounted pull up bar lies in its wall distance, presenting a distinct advantage. While every pull-up bar on this list is well-suited for pull-up training, the extended wall distance of this bar broadens the spectrum of possibilities.

This extended reach provides the opportunity to engage in advanced exercises like muscle-ups, front levers, and back levers, taking your calisthenics training to a more challenging level.

By prioritizing versatility through an optimal wall distance, this pull-up bar stands out as a versatile and comprehensive fitness tool, catering to both traditional pull-ups and an array of advanced calisthenics movements, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a well-rounded training experience.

indoor and outdoor use

Another significant advantage is that you can install this bar both indoors and outdoors. It is finished with a high-quality powder coating, preventing it from rusting. This ensures that you will enjoy its use for a long time.

High load capacity

This pull-up bar is aptly named ‘heavy duty’ for a reason. This means you are not limited to training only bodyweight exercises but can freely add weight to your pull-ups. As the load capacity of this bar is also 500lbs (226kg).

#3 multifunctional wall mounted pull up bar

OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Best dip / pull up combination
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Pull-up and dip bar in one

This multifunctional bar is not just a wall-mounted pull-up bar but also a dip station. With a easy to use system, where you can rotate the bar to train either pull-ups or dips.

Furthermore, this system allows you to detach the bar for storage. You don’t have to keep it constantly mounted on your wall.

High load capacity

With this bar you’re not limited to training only bodyweight pull ups and dips. You can freely add weight to both these exercises as the load capacity of this bar is 440lbs (200kg).

#4 Yes4All multigrip wall mounted pull up bar

Yes4All Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Most versatile pull up bar
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We conclude this list with the Yes4All multi grip wall mounted pull-up bar. This is the most versatile pull-up bar in this list when it comes to different grip types.

With this bar, you can not only train standard pull-ups and chin-ups, but you can also vary endlessly by grabbing the bar from a different position. This allows you to train your back and arm muscles in a slightly different way each time.

Load capacity

The load capacity of this bar is 330lbs (150kg), which will be enough for most athletes. However, it does give you less room to include additional weight to your pull ups.

Benefits of a wall mounted pull-up bar

A pull-up bar mounted on your wall forms the perfect foundation for your home gym. When properly installed, they are very sturdy, providing long-lasting enjoyment.

Because the bar is anchored to your wall, you can perform a greater variety of exercises compared to, for example, a door-mounted pull-up bar.

The high load capacity is also an advantage, allowing you to opt for weighted pull-ups and dips as part of your routine.

Finally, they are available in a wide range of prices. The most affordable bar in this list is already available for 60 bucks.

Disadvantages of a pull-up bar on your wall

To secure the pull-up bar, you naturally have to drill into your wall. This may not be feasible or desired for everyone, particularly if you live in a rental property where the landlord does not permit it.

Additionally, once the bar is in place, moving it becomes less convenient.

Lastly, wall-mounted pull-up bars tend to be slightly more expensive than, for example, the pull-up bars that hang on your door frame. However, considering their increased sturdiness and durability, I do not consider this a significant drawback.

Additional calisthenics equipment

When you have a space at home for practicing pull-ups, there are, of course, numerous opportunities to further expand and customize your workouts.

On the pull-up bar, you can easily hang rings, opening up a wide range of additional exercises. This includes exercises like support holds, ring rows, and bicep curls.

If you are working towards your first pull-up, it is advisable to invest in resistance bands. These bands allow you to gradually reduce the resistance during pull-ups and chin-ups, making the path to pulling up much more manageable.

Moreover, to continue challenging yourself once you have mastered the pull-up, it is essential to add weight. When you can perform 8 bodyweight reps, it becomes increasingly difficult to trigger a strength training stimulus in your muscles.

You can address this by incorporating additional weight. Using a weight vest or weight belt allows you to train perfectly within the strength repetition range of 1 – 6 reps.

Adding these supplementary products to your home gym setup provides versatility and ensures that you can tailor your training routine to your evolving fitness goals.

Alternatives for a wall-mounted pull-up bar

There are other ways to perform pull-ups at home. You can hang calisthenics rings from your ceiling, beam, or another elevated surface. Additionally, there are different types of pull-up bars available.

You can opt for a power tower or pull-up station, which allows you to train various other types of exercises. Alternatively, you can use a door-mounted pull-up bar. These are often more affordable and easy to store. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, read our ultimate pull-up bar buying guide here.

In summary, there’s a suitable option for everyone to train at home. So, don’t wait any longer; quickly order a pull-up bar and start your workout journey.

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