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At Heavyweight Calisthenics, we approach improving movements, planning training, and managing training load in a contemporary manner. It doesn’t matter if you want to focus on basic calisthenics movements, advanced skills, or heavy streetlifting. You’ve come to the right place if you want to enhance your performance sustainably!”

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Currently, all our spots for online calisthenics coaching are filled. But don’t worry, your opportunity to join our exclusive coaching experience isn’t over.

Sign up now for our waitlist, and we’ll notify you first when space becomes available again. Don’t miss out on reaching your fitness goals with our expert team of coaches. Enroll now and get ready to take your strength, flexibility, and endurance to the next level!

Benefits Calisthenics coaching

Kenny Kathmann & Nick Verheij - Calisthenics coaches

Kenny & Nick

We are Kenny Kathmann and Nick Verheij. Both of us have been practicing calisthenics for 10 years. In addition, we have been training others for the past 4 years and conducting calisthenics clinics for the past 2 years

What can we assist you with?

Beginners Calisthenics

Together, we lay the foundation for your calisthenics adventure. Think of exercises like the pull-up, dips, push-up, and handstand.

Advanced Calisthenics

Are you ready for the next level? We’ll help you with skills like the muscle-up, handstand pushup, human flag, or the back/front lever.


Together, we work on your weighted dip, pull-up, muscle-up, and squat, so you can break your personal records!

In 3 steps to the next level

Non-binding introductory conversation to determine if we’re a match and if our coaching program suits you

If we’re working together, you’ll receive a questionnaire about your goals, current level, and injury history

Personalized training schedule in our coaching app, weekly (video) feedback, and 24/7 space to ask questions