Top 3 best dip belts / weighted pull up belts (2024)

Dip belt

A dip belt, also known as a weighted pull-up belt or dipping belt, is an essential tool for fitness enthusiasts, practitioners of weighted calisthenics, and streetlifting. This dip belt is specifically designed to add weight to bodyweight exercises, allowing you to easily increase the intensity of your dips, pull-ups, and other exercises. Choosing a good […]

4x best rings for calisthenics, gymnastics and crossfit (2024)

Turnringen, L-Sit calisthenics rings

A set of wooden calisthenics rings is the most versatile equipment you can add to your home gym. Not only because you can train with them anywhere, but also due to the vast array of additional exercises you can practice with them. Thereby, it’s the best financial choice, as a set of rings is sufficient […]

pull up bar buyers guide – (2024)

pull up bar

A pull-up bar, also referred to as a chin-up bar, is a valuable addition to any home gym. It offers versatility for various exercises and is generally affordable. However, selecting the right one can be challenging due to the array of brands and types available. In this blog, I aim to clarify the different varieties […]

7 x best pull up station / power tower for your home (2024)

pull up station

Looking for the best pull-up station, also known as a power tower? We’ve got you covered in this blog post. A pull-up station is a cool addition to your home gym – you can do tons of exercises without leaving your place. These stations let you work with your body weight or add extra weights. […]

5 x best wall mounted pull up bar (2024)

optrekstang muur

Which wall-mounted pull-up bar is the best? In this blog post, I’ll provide you with the answer to that question. A (wall) pull-up bar stands out as the most crucial fitness equipment for your home, offering the versatility to engage in a variety of exercises. Having experienced numerous pull-up bars throughout my extensive calisthenics training, […]

Top 5 best doorway pull up bars [2024]

pull up bar deur

“What is the best doorway pull-up bar? To answer that question, we’ve written this blog post. A pull-up bar for your door frame is indeed one of the most convenient fitness devices you can have at home, as it allows you to train with a variety of different exercises. We’ve personally gone through quite a […]