Free calisthenics workout plan for beginners

calisthenics workout plan beginners

In this blogpost you can download a free calisthenics calisthenics workout plan for beginners. This workout program will help you build a base level strength in the bodyweight exercises, in a safe manner. Additionally, in this blog, you’ll learn more about the structure of the program and why it’s important to stick to a workout […]

Top 5 best doorway pull up bars [2024]

pull up bar deur

“What is the best doorway pull-up bar? To answer that question, we’ve written this blog post. A pull-up bar for your door frame is indeed one of the most convenient fitness devices you can have at home, as it allows you to train with a variety of different exercises. We’ve personally gone through quite a […]

14 calisthenics exercises – Beginners & Advanced

Calisthenics oefeningen: row

Calisthenics exercises, there are so many different types that it can be challenging for beginners to know where to start. To provide insight into the most practiced exercises, this blog presents the 14 key calisthenics exercises, categorized for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Navigeer What are calisthenics exercises? Calisthenics exercises are exercises where you use […]