Top 3 best dip belts / weighted pull up belts (2024)

Dip belt

A dip belt, also known as a weighted pull-up belt or dipping belt, is an essential tool for fitness enthusiasts, practitioners of weighted calisthenics, and streetlifting. This dip belt is specifically designed to add weight to bodyweight exercises, allowing you to easily increase the intensity of your dips, pull-ups, and other exercises. Choosing a good […]

Street lifting: the art of weighted calisthenics | Ultimate guide (2024)

power rack

Street Lifting is a relatively new sport that has gained rapid popularity in recent years. And it’s not without reason. It’s an incredibly cool sport where pure strength, mobility, and skills come together. What is street lifting? Street Lifting is a strength sport that combines street workout (weighted calisthenics) and powerlifting. The goal of this […]

forearms training? 4 types of exercises for home and the gym!

forearms training

Forearms training is incredibly important for calisthenics athletes but is unfortunately often overlooked. Yet, strengthening your forearms can have significant implications for other calisthenics exercises, such as improving your handstand and planche. You wouldn’t be the first person to make substantial progress in bodyweight exercises like the muscle-up and handstand or even weightlifting, all by […]

L Sit: in 3 progressions to your first hold

L Sit

The L-sit is hailed as one of the best abdominal exercises, and for good reason. By incorporating this isometric workout into your routine, you not only enhance your strength but also improve your body’s stability. Moreover, mastering the L-sit sets the stage for advanced exercises like handstand push-ups, frontlever, and backlever. Curious about the muscles […]

Best dip bars / dip station in 2024? Read about it here!

Dip station

A set of Dip bars is the perfect device for training your chest, triceps, and shoulders at home. With this, you can train the (weighted) dip, which is one of the most important compound bodyweight exercises. So, would you like to know which types of dip stations are available and which ones are best for […]

Liquid chalk: Everything You Need to Know for the Perfect Grip

Liquid chalk voor fitness

Liquid chalk is the perfect product to improve your grip during training. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to complete those last reps because you lose your grip on the bar. Slippery hands are completely unnecessary. With liquid chalk, you can ensure you always have optimal grip. In this blog, we discuss what […]

How to find calisthenics parks near me?

Calisthenics park Elderveld Arnhem

You might ask yourself: “How do I find Calisthenics Parks near me?”. In this blogpost we will give you the solution! There’s nothing quite like exercising in the open air, especially on sunny days. The presence of fellow calisthenics enthusiasts not only creates a supportive atmosphere but also provides opportunities for mutual assistance and motivation. […]

Calisthenics equipment – Everything you need to start training

Calisthenics materiaal

Looking for calisthenics equipment? In this blog, I’ll explain what you need to perform a good workout at home. I’ve made a distinction between essential items and nice-to-haves. You don’t need much to get a workout done, but to train as efficiently as possible, it can be very worthwhile to invest in quality calisthenics equipment. […]

4X Best Parallettes for Calisthenics and Handstands (2024)


Parallettes are a fantastic addition to your home gym. And if you’re looking for the best parallettes for calisthenics and handstands, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the four best options currently available, so you can make an informed choice. Navigate What are Parallettes? Parallettes are one of the most […]

Top 4 Weighted Vests: Calisthenics, CrossFit and Running (2024)


Are you considering buying a weighted vest but unsure which one to choose? You’ve come to the right place. With so many different weight vests on the market, it’s important to do your research before making a decision. There are weighted vests designed for calisthenics and fitness, as well as those specifically for crossfit or […]