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4x best rings for calisthenics, gymnastics and crossfit (2024)

A set of wooden calisthenics rings is the most versatile equipment you can add to your home gym. Not only because you can train with them anywhere, but also due to the vast array of additional exercises you can practice with them. Thereby, it’s the best financial choice, as a set of rings is sufficient to train all upper body exercises.

Lastly, you’ll become incredibly strong (and muscular) from training with wooden gymnastics rings. Just look at how strong gymnasts become without adding weights to their workout. So if you want to get strong from home, I recommend investing in a set of gymnastic rings.


2 sizes of rings

When you’re looking for a set of rings, it’s important to consider what you want to train with them, especially in terms of the sport. There’s a difference in the width used for gymnastics compared to crossfit.

The international gymnastics federation recommends a ring width of 28mm. Conversely, for Crossfit training, a width of 32mm is recommended.

However, since this is a blog focused on calisthenics, there’s no preference for either width from that perspective.

So, if you don’t intend to use the rings solely for Crossfit or gymnastics, I recommend choosing based on the size of your hands.

If you have relatively small hands, opt for the 28mm gymnastics rings. If you have relatively large hands, go for the 32mm Crossfit rings.

4 x best calisthenics rings

Below you will find the top 5 sets of rings for gymnastics and crossfit.

#1 Double circle Rings

Double Circle Wood calisthenics Rings
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The best gymnastic rings (28mm) in this list are the wooden gymnastic rings from Double Circle. These competitively priced gymnastic rings have a weight capacity of up to 1100 lbs. This is partly due to the relatively wide suspension straps of 1.5in. Additionally, they have a strong carabiner, ensuring safe and stable hanging during training.

The length of the straps is 9,2ft meters, providing enough slack to hang the rings from a ceiling or a tall tree. Furthermore, the straps have length indicators, making it easy to hang them at the same height.

With the weight capacity of the Double Circle wooden gymnastic rings, you can be assured of hanging securely, even if you plan to train weighted dips or pull-ups in the future. In short, it’s a good long-term investment.

#2 Pacearth Crossfit ringen hout

PACEARTH Calisthenics Rings
Best 32mm rings
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The best Crossfit rings (32mm) on this list are the Pacearth calisthenics rings. These have a weight capacity of up to 1500lbs! They have the highest weight capacity among the wooden rings in this list, ideal for heavyweight or weighted calisthenics practitioners.

With the included 14,76ft straps, you have enough length to hang them anywhere. These 1.5in straps have length indicators for easy setup.

#3 Zelus Rings

ZELUS calisthenics rings
Best ABS rings
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The third rings in this list are made of a different material, namely ABS plastic. These calisthenics rings have a diameter of 30mm and a whopping weight capacity of 1760lbs. Additionally, anti-slip tape is included with these rings.

The great advantage of ABS rings is that you can leave them hanging outside without being affected by the rain. However, they provide less grip when your hands are sweaty. Nevertheless, the anti-slip tape helps to counteract this.

#4 Liferun calisthenics rings

LIFERUN Calisthenics rings
Best priced calisthenics rings
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As the 4th on this list are the Liferun calisthenics Rings (32mm). These wooden gymnastic rings, with a weight capacity of up to 1100lbs, are perfectly suitable for your crossfit and calisthenics training. The straps are 16.7ft long, and equipped with length indicators to easily hang them at the same height.

All in all, a beautiful and affordably priced set of rings.

Ring ceiling hooks

Do you want to hang your rings from the ceiling? Then it’s important to invest in sturdy ceiling hooks. Those pictured above have industrial strength and can hold up to 600 lbs. Perfect for your workouts, even if you add additional weight to it.

5 reasons to train with calisthenics rings

Train everywhere

The great advantage of training with calisthenics rings is that you can train anywhere. When the weather is nice, you can easily hang the rings up in the park. There’s always a playground or a tree with a straight branch where you can hang the rings. And setting them up takes no time at all.

But when the weather isn’t so great, you can easily hang the gymnastic rings at home. Maybe you have a beam where you can hang them. And if not, there are plenty of other options. You can use a ceiling anchor to hang them, or you can hang a pull-up bar to then hang the rings there. Finally, you also have the option to attach them to a door anchor.

You can also take the calisthenics rings to your gym to train there. In short, there are countless possibilities.

Cheap workout equipment

A set of rings may be the cheapest solution to perform a complete workout at home. It gives you the ability to train all push and pull exercises, which otherwise would require a large number of machines without rings.

Specific exercises

In addition to the standard pull-ups and dips that you can perform using rings, there are numerous exercises that are uniquely possible with a set of rings. This is attributed to the stabilization factor inherent in ring training.

In all exercises executed on the rings, your body must stabilize itself to prevent swinging, both for you and the rings. This becomes evident during your training; for instance, performing a dip on the rings is considerably more challenging than on a dip bar.


Unlike most fitness machines, which usually focus on a single exercise or movement, a set of gymnastic rings offers limitless versatility. With calisthenics rings, you can train push and pull exercises, hang upside down, and improve your balance.

Exercises with calisthenics rings

The list of exercises you can train with rings is endless, so I completely understand if you’re not sure where to begin. To help you get started, below are links to a few other blog posts to provide inspiration.

Firstly, I’ve compiled a list of 10 ring exercises, which is ideal for beginners as it covers both horizontal and vertical push and pull movements. If you prefer following a structured regimen, I highly recommend downloading the beginner’s guide, which incorporates these ring exercises.

As you progress in your training, you may be seeking more challenging routines. Training for the back lever and the front lever could be perfect for you.

In summary, there’s always an opportunity for both beginners and advanced individuals to train with Calisthenics rings.

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